marionberry the pine marten character reference image

Meet Marionberry, the furry mascot of The Murky Marten!

Marionberry loves hiking through the lush mountainous forests of the Colombia Gorge. They are prone to spontaneity, and generally avoid planning ahead too much – they prefer adventure and exploration, and get easily bored by routine.

Marionberry loves meeting new people, easily makes new friends, fiercely defends their values and views, and is always looking for new experiences and opportunities. Although extroverted at heart, they still enjoy moments of quiet solitude spent out in nature and the peace it brings to the soul.

Basic Info

  • Species: pine marten
  • Gender: agender
  • Pronouns: they/them
  • Name origin: marionberries are a delicious plump variety of blackberry, exclusively grown in Oregon, and are a cross between the Chehalem and Olallie varieties of blackberry


  • berries
  • hazelnuts
  • rainstorms
  • forest trails
  • campfires
  • pinecones
  • exploring


  • day planners
  • plastic bags
  • hot weather


  • warm
  • curious
  • free spirit
  • enthusiastic
  • spontaneous
  • idealistic
  • disorganized

Pine marten lineart by sappycats
Character designed by midnea and owned by The Murky Marten

marionberry the pine marten murky marten logo

Logo for The Murky Marten
Artwork by Rileigh o Wylie