OPEN for partial fursuits and individual parts! Email us your reference sheet for a quote!


Below are our base prices for fursuit parts. You must send us a reference sheet for your character for us to be able to quote you a final price based on your character’s design.

  • Head $900+
  • Hand Paws $120+
  • Arm Sleeves $60+
  • Small Tail $60+
  • Large Tail $90+
  • Floor Dragger Tail $140+

Prices may increase based on the complexity of your character’s design (for example, lots of spots, detailed markings, large number of colors, special order fur, etc)

All prices are in USD.

We are not taking commissions on feet paws or bodysuits, as we don’t have experience making those yet!


We accept payment via Etsy, Square, or Paypal. We can set up a custom Etsy listing for you, or send you a Square or Paypal invoice.

Payment plans are accepted for orders over $250. We require a 50% deposit to secure your commission slot and get started on work. The remaining balance you may pay in installments of your choice. Full payment is required before we will completely finish the commission.


  • USA: Free shipping within the US!
  • Canada: Please contact us with your address for a shipping quote.
  • Elsewhere: We are not accepting fursuit head orders from other countries. For paws or tails, please contact us with your address for a shipping quote.

We ship primarily through USPS and UPS, but may choose a different carrier in special circumstances. Generally, we will ship all items for your commission together in one package once we finish everything.

You will receive a tracking number for your package. Due to the size of most fursuit items, we most often ship USPS Priority Mail (1-3 days) or UPS Ground (1-5 days), but we might use First Class Mail (2-8 days) if applicable for small items (for example, if you only order hand paws).

We cannot take responsibility for packages once they leave our care and are in the hands of the shipping carrier. In the event that your package becomes lost, delayed, or is damaged during shipping, please contact USPS, UPS, or the carrier handling your package.

Local & Con Pickup

Local pickup can be arranged in the Portland, Oregon area, or at any convention/event we’re attending!

Current con schedule: Next con is Furvana (Ocean Shores, WA) in September of 2021. We plan to have a table in the artist alley.

You will receive a $20 discount if you pickup your order at a con or in Portland.

Production Time

Current estimated production time is approximately 3-4 months.

Please note that the timeframe may change in special circumstances (due to illness, for example). We will communicate with you if something comes up!

We are generally working on a few different projects concurrently. You can follow the progress on your commission via our Trello page:


We use only the highest quality materials!

Orders over $250 will receive one package of free fabric samples. We will send you small samples of our fur colors based on your reference sheet, so that you can see the colors in person and confirm which ones you want for your fursuit. Fabric colors often look slightly different in person than they do in photographs (especially blues and greens), which is why we offer this!

Our luxury shag faux fur is sourced from five different suppliers, to get the full range of 60+ colors we have on hand. You can browse our colors and suppliers here:

We carve our head bases by hand out of high- and medium-density foam, or we might use expanding foam head bases from West’s Custom Creations.

We source our eye sockets and printed pupils from Pup in a Cup. Special pupils are hand-painted by us on “pet screen” mesh. Both types of pupils are fantastic for vision and ventilation! Eye sockets are 3D printed plastic, and custom eye shapes can be made for an extra fee. Eyes are finished with multiple layers of Krylon Clear Coat sealer before installing.

Our heads are lined inside with a breathable, moisture-wicking material for maximum comfort.

Special features such as tongues, teeth, nose, paw pads, etc are usually created from plush anti-pill fleece. Soft minky fabric or other high-quality fabric may be used if your character requires special custom details (such as metallic accents).


Buyers must be 18+ to commission us. Younger furs can commission us only if we are able to directly communicate with a parent or guardian for approval and acknowledgement of payment responsibility – this is for our legal and financial protection.

You must provide a reference sheet for your character for a partial suit. We may be able to work with art instead of a ref sheet in certain cases (for example, if you are only ordering a tail). Or we may be able to create a ref sheet for you for an additional fee.

Terms & Conditions

Once you place your order for a commission, you are acknowledging your commitment to pay in full the agreed upon price, within the payment plan timeframe.

If you decide to cancel your order, the cancellation fee is minimum 25% of the total commission price, PLUS more depending on how far along the suit has been built. If you cancel, you will not receive any unfinished suit parts.

We reserve the right to cancel an order at any time, for any reason. Cancelling an order is absolutely NOT something we have any desire to do – but unfortunately this may happen in an extreme circumstance (for example: buyer is verbally abusive in communications, buyer is non-responsive when action or communication is required to continue work, we are unable to complete work due to personal illness or other unforeseen issues, etc). If we must cancel your commission, refunds may be arranged depending on the specific reason for the cancellation.

Once finished, we do not accept returns or refunds on commissioned items. However, we absolutely want you to be happy with your order!! If there’s a problem with your finished fursuit, please let us know immediately, so that we can work together to figure out a solution.

Bringing your character to life with a high-quality, well-made fursuit that you love is our #1 priority!